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Shuaibah Phase-3 IWPP Project


The Shuaibah Phase-3 IWPP Project (the “Project”) is the first of the IW(P)Ps developed in Saudi Arabia and represents a major development in Saudi Arabia’s water and power sector to help satisfy the increasing national demand for power and water. The Project serves as a template for similar undertakings by Water & Electricity Company (“WEC”). Shuaibah Phase-3 IWPP has been developed by Saudi Malaysian Water Electricity Company (SAMAWEC) which owns 60 % of the Project Company.  The project is currently on full production.


The Project is based on BOO (Build, Own & Operate) basis under a 20 year PWPA agreement for the design, construction, commissioning, testing, ownership, operation and maintenance of a new 900 MW, light crude oil-fired power and 880,000 m3/day (194 MIGD) desalination plant and associated facilities based on about 80:20 debt to equity project financing.


The Project is located adjacent to the existing SWCC Shoaiba power and desalination complex 110 km south of Jeddah, on the western coast of Saudi Arabia.


The project serves the water requirements of Makkah, Jeddah, Taif and Al-Baha cities and the electrical requirement of Western Electricity grid.


The Power Plant is operated as a base load plant with the capability of following the daily and seasonal load profile of KSA’s western region, where peak power demand occurs during summer and the Hajj periods, whereas water demand is generally constant throughout the year.


Plant Configuration

The Shuaibah Independent Water and Power Project (“IWPP”) will have three (3) units of light crude oil fired boilers, (3) back pressure turbines and twelve (12) units of MSF Distillers.


Desalination Plant by  Doosan, Korea


·         Multi Stage Flash (“MSF”) Desalination Technology

·         12 units of MSF Distillers, each of 74,000 m³/day gross output


Power Plant by Siemens, Germany


·         Arabian Light Crude oil fired boilers (3 Nos.)

·         Three Back-pressure steam turbines/each of about 397 MW gross output


Besides the Power and Water plant, the IWPP plant will include the following facilities:

·         Electrical Special Facilities, which is a 380 kV switchgear sub-station connecting the plant to the main grid network. The 380 kV switchgear is to be developed, financed, built and then transferred to SEC that will operate the facility during the term of the Project.

·         Storage facilities for water;

·         Storage facilities for liquid fuels;

·         Seawater Intake and Outfall structures;

·         Disposal facility for ashes collected from the electrical precipitator; and

·         Fuel special facilities.


Fuel Supply

The Plant will use light crude oil as fuel that will be sourced by WEC from Saudi Aramco and supplied by WEC to the Project Company on an energy conversion basis. Arabian Light crude oil (ALC) will be supplied by tanker shipments to an existing unloading jetty adjacent to the Project site where it will be unloaded into, and transported by the Fuel Special Facilities into the on-site storage tanks



Seawater required for desalination and cooling will be obtained through a new dedicated seawater intake and outfall facilities to be constructed as part of the Project.


Plant Availability

Over the life of the Project, the Plant will have an average availability of 92% for power and 93% for water. Under the PWPA no planned outages are allowed during the summer period or the Hajj period, since the water and power demand during these periods is the highest.


Other Details

Project Company: Owned by SAMAWEC (60 %), PIF (32 %) & SEC (8 %)

SAMAWEC is owned 30 % by ACWA Power & remaining 30 % by Malaysian consortium (Tenaga Nasional Berhard,Malakoff Berhard & Khazanah Nasional Berhard)


EPC Contractor

The main EPC contractor will be Siemens Aktiengesellschaft of Germany in consortium with Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. of South Korea


O & M  Sub – Contractor

First National Operation & Maintenance Co.


Total Project Cost

SAR 9, 225 million (USD 2,460 million)


Project Schedule


Shuaibah-3 IWPP Milestones


Issue of RFP


Bid Submission Date


Signature of PWPA & other Agreements


Financial Closing Date


1st Power Unit and associated 4 Desal Units

(Initial Commercial Operation Date)


Project Commercial Operation Date (PCOD)



Developers of Shuaibah Phase-3 IWPP

ACWA Power, Saudi Arabia (www.acwapower.com)

Malakoff Berhard, Malaysia (www.malakoff.com.my)

Tenaga Nasional Berhard, Malaysia (www.tnb.com.my)

Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia (www.khazanah.com.my)