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Request for Qualification (RfQ)

Request for Qualification (RfQ)

Water & Electricity S.M.L.L.C. (“WEC”) seeks to appoint “Technical Consultant” to undertake a pre-feasibility study and assess projects technologies related to small scale sewage treatment plants (STPs).  These STPs vary in size from 1,000 m3 per day to 25,000 m3 per day and are located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

WEC seeks to appoint a qualified and experienced Consulting firm as a competent “Technical Consultant” to support WEC in privatizing Small Scale Sewage Treatment Plant (STP’s) Projects.  The scope of work involves GIS analysis, preparation of a pre-feasibility study based on selection of site visits, support WEC in coordination with the relevant Water Sector stakeholders in KSA and (local/international) potential developers business communication. The study will include the appropriate treatment technology for TSE Reuse for the initial STP’s and future expansion. This study may be used to ensure compliance with standard international PPP requirements and procedure, as well as those prescribed by the National Centre for Privatization in KSA.

Interested parties should respond to this RfQ by sending either sending an email to “Capacity Planning & Analysis Division” cpa@wec.com.sa or hand delivering the letter of intent with the required information listed below to the address below no later than 15:00 KSA time on 17th February 2019.

Any questions regarding this RfQ must be submitted by 15:00 KSA time on 8th February 2019. A compilation of responses will be issued on 13th February 2019 by WEC. The prequalified respondents will be announced at 12 p.m. on 21st February 2019 on WEC’s website.

Capacity Planning & Analysis Division

Water & Electricity S.M.L.L.C.

P.O. Box. 300091, Riyadh – 11372

Moon Tower, Floors 18-19, King Fahad Road

Ar Rahmaniyah, Riyadh 12341, Saudi Arabia

Telephone:  920002988 Ext. 8945


The submission should specify as a minimum:

•          Name of the interested party.

•          Name and details of the appropriate point of contact (“point of contact”) (postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address) to whom all future correspondence will be sent.

•          Capability to undertake this work

•          Company experience in “Sewage Treatment Plants” design and planning, internationally, throughout the GCC and in Saudi Arabia.

•          Examples of similar work undertaken by the Company over the last 5 years 

WEC intends to issue a Request for Proposals to those interested parties that pre-qualify for this work.